Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Nails Lovin'!!

Trying to control my nail polish intake is becoming difficult as I keep finding gorgeous summer colors! I found two while shopping at a local clothing store. I'd never heard of the company, Klean Color but for .99 cents I had to at least try a couple! I restrained myself and purchased only two- Mystic Grass, a beautiful teal green/blue and Pastel Purple- which is explained perfectly by the name is a lovely pastel lilac. I'd been searching for a pastel lilac for a while and am quite happy to have found this one and for such a great price! Today while at Planet Beauty (using up yet another groupon!) I purchased a mini Orly in Gumdrop- a minty green. A double of my Wet'n'Wild I Need A Refreshment, but I couldn't help it! A mini would be good for traveling! I also swatched a deeper purple I had, Wet'n'Wild On A Trip. Thinking mint for my pedicure and lilac on my nails:)
Nail Colors L to R: WnW On A Trip, KleanColor Mystic Grass, Orly Gumdrop, KleanColor Pastel Purple
Same swatch line up as above


  1. I love the pastel purple shade, must look out for that brand

    1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my wee blog=)
      I picked up another color today of this brand-seriously cannot say no to the price and colors!
      I'm always looking to do international swaps-let me know if you cant find it-maybe we can arrange something!