Friday, June 29, 2012

Window Shopper? What's that? ;)

NARS Sheer Glow (Barcelona)
 I'm a bad friend to take shopping. I'm not the one who will get you to walk away from something. rather I'm the one that says, "Get it! What if they run out? Get two!!". I'm not proud of that-which is probably why I usually shop alone nowadays! That being said I have definitely cut back on spending habits, however....I did have a Sephora credit burning a hole in my pocket. So yesterday in a desperation to get out of the heat (Malls are always nice and cool!) I went to Sephora to browse (I could browse in there all day!) As much as I love my NARS and Garnier tinted moisturizers, they don't offer enough coverage for special events (I have a few special nights out coming next month). The search for a new liquid foundation began. Still in love with MAC Mineralize Satin Finish Liquid foundation-I just felt I needed to try something new for the summer. Enter NARS Sheer Glow foundation. I had walked in with the intention on trying Yves Saint Laurent Teint Radiance (I had read excellent reviews!) and also Givenchy Photo'Perfexion. I tried each one on each side of my face and went and swatched the Naked palettes (Swoon). One good thing about both of those foundations is their excellent choice in shades (for us with olive/tan skin). But they didn't wow me. I was ready to head out when the SA ask me if I needed assistance. Normally I'd say no but her skin was glowing and looked great even under the horrid lighting in Sephora. I asked her what she was wearing and she lead me to the NARS counter and applied the Sheer Glow on me. I was ready to say thanks, but no, as I had already gotten a sample of this some time ago. She matched me to Barcelona-Medium and when I went to take a look in the brightly lit mirror in the middle of the store, was actually amazed at what i saw-glowy but now shiny and sheer with enough coverage to cover up my pigmentation and a few spots on my chin! When i got home I compared the sample with my bottle and noticed my sample was Stromboli, whereas I had been matched and purchased the color above, Barcelona. Really makes me see how much being matched up exactly can make a difference! I've worn it for only 2 days (I did have an extra shower in between and applied it a third time!) and absolutely love it! It's still early so thankfully Sephora has an excellent return policy-but I have a feeling Im gonna be wearing this baby for a while. My only gripe-one I've seen everywhere while reading countless reviews- no pump? $42 bucks and no pump?? Was told I could purchase one on the NARS website. For $42 they really, really should include a pump. Ok, I'll stop because I like it that much!
NARS Sheer Glow in Barcelona in action. I didn't want to do a full face (not a fan of seeing my mug splashed across the screen) It might be love <3

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Nails Lovin'!!

Trying to control my nail polish intake is becoming difficult as I keep finding gorgeous summer colors! I found two while shopping at a local clothing store. I'd never heard of the company, Klean Color but for .99 cents I had to at least try a couple! I restrained myself and purchased only two- Mystic Grass, a beautiful teal green/blue and Pastel Purple- which is explained perfectly by the name is a lovely pastel lilac. I'd been searching for a pastel lilac for a while and am quite happy to have found this one and for such a great price! Today while at Planet Beauty (using up yet another groupon!) I purchased a mini Orly in Gumdrop- a minty green. A double of my Wet'n'Wild I Need A Refreshment, but I couldn't help it! A mini would be good for traveling! I also swatched a deeper purple I had, Wet'n'Wild On A Trip. Thinking mint for my pedicure and lilac on my nails:)
Nail Colors L to R: WnW On A Trip, KleanColor Mystic Grass, Orly Gumdrop, KleanColor Pastel Purple
Same swatch line up as above

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Updated blog sale!

Hello...I have updated my blog sale. Please take a looksie=)
Located on 3rd tab from the upper left hand corner.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 X A Charm

As I've said my favorite pass time these days (ok always it seem!) is finding new beauty blogs from near and far, I recently discovered All-Made-Up-21. When I find a new blog, it's easy for me to get drawn in completely and read as much as I can (taking breaks of course). When I saw Laura talk about the cult NARS product Blush Bronzer Trio (Albatross, Orgasm and Laguna in a hard shell case), I made a mental note to get it ASAP. Then I realized that I had something very similar! I personally think that only one is very similar (Middle color- peachy-pink), as I only own NARS Orgasm. I purchased Charlotte Ronson's 3 X A Charm when it was first released ( I believe Spring/Summer of 2011-not sure though!) and was about $29, at Sephora. The other two look what I think quite similar as Albatross an Laguna-which are the other two in the NARS trio. .
The NARS Orgasm I own is quite old (I won't age myself and say how old;) so I really have to swatch hard to get some color-which is a good thing as I like to apply with a light hand and get a "natural" and gentle finish on my cheeks. The bronze/tan is barely a bronzer on me, but when mixed with the peachy pink it is a beautiful color for the cheeks!

Charlotte Ronson 3 X A Charm Blush trio (Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter)
NARS Orgasm pan on left handside of photo, Charlotte Ronson on right-same line up of swatches.
They are practically identical! I did have to swipe hard on NARS blush-as I mentioned, it's a bit old which may have been why. Still quite happy with both blushes!

If you've not read Laura's blog-get on it! Besides awesome reviews and tips-there are some cool pictures of Dublin-and surrounding cities Laura visits!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coral and peachy love

Even though my beauty stash has plenty of corals, peach colors every time I see a new polish, lipstick, gloss- I need to add it to my collection! While at Dollar Tree I spotted some beautiful summer nail polishes. I only picked up two (it took restraint-I'll admit) but the one I'm loving so much is LA Colors color craze in Magnetic Force. In the bottle it has a tangerine look and when the bottle is moved a bit, a bit of gold peeks out-on the nails it's actually not very visible. Applying this was easy and I had to do zero clean up around the edges! As much as I love getting my nails done- money wise that's not really possible for me, so having easy to apply polishes is a must for me!

These next two have been hard not to fall in love with as they are both very popular among the beauty online community and are beautiful summer colors! MAC Costa Chic and Vegas Volt. Both were my last back2mac choices- quite happy with my choices for both! Costa Chic is a frost and thought it would make me look a bit clownish on my NC42 complexion- Strange Potion Lipglass to the rescue. When applied over Costa Chic it tends to tone down the frost and make it a gorgeous combo. Wasn't able to swatch Strange Potion as it is currently MIA- hopefully not for long!
Revlon Rendezvous also makes the cut as it's perfect coral stain that is buildable. Again I have to say that I adore the mint smell of these lip balm stains!

Blush- I love blush and tend to have a heavy hand and apply a bit too much but I can't help it! I've gotten better as I'm trying the less-is-more approach for summer. Nevertheless my current go-to corals are MAC Springsheen. Springsheen has a golden touch to it which I think works with just a touch. a bit darker but still lovely I have a Micabella mineral blush in Terra Cotta- it took me a bit to get the hang of this as I was never to keen on the idea of mineral products. Thought they'd be messy and flying everywhere! With a good brush and a light hand, they are becoming good friends of mine. Lastly my love&beauty (Forever 21 brand) cream cheek blush in what else (?) coral. This is my second pot- wanted to have an extra on hand and applies very easy with my fingers or my Real Techniques stippling brush (love this brush!).
Wow- I sound like a national coral for everyone spokesperson! Enable me- us there a coral product I should check out?

L.A. Colors Color Craze Magnetic Force (2 coats)
L to R: Costa Chic, Vegas Volt, Rendezvous, Terra Cotta, Springsheen, Coral cream blush
(outside picture)
same swatch line up as above
(inside picture)
Coral love

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bits and pieces

As I'm stuck, sitting and waiting while having my car serviced, I thought I'd give blogger on iPhone a go! I went into CVS the other night to have a little gander and saw that Covergirl was having BOGO 50% off (think they have it quite often) but as one of my faves had recently gone dry (CG Professional Super Thick Lash- love!) I thought I'd pick one more up and get the waterproof version to try out. CG has been around for ages- it was probably the first brands I tried in high school, but besides Lash Blast had never noticed this bad boy! My lashes are pretty long but lack serious volume , one or two coats of this and my lashes are transformed into falsies! I've been asked what brand of lashes I have on once or twice while having this on. If I apply it after applying Benefit's They're Real- wowza! With all good must come some bad- this dries up like a sonofagun. But for less than $5 bucks, I can't really complain! if anyone can recommend a mascara that adds volume, please do!!

I also bought a mini size of Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I love my Bumble&Bumble Surf Spray but am about out of the freebie I was given by my hairdresser last year and cannot bear paying full price for that! so far- you have to use A LOT. Having said that I have to admit I have enough hair for a horse (I've been told this numerous times by many of my hairdresser friends- whom say it with love. I hope?) Used plenty of sprays after my shower, put my hair up, slept and did a couple more sprays. Hair has a semi beach wave, not sure if it is all the spray or that I sleep on a satin pillowcase;) hairdressers have the best advice Evah! Verdict is still out , but for $3 I think it's a decent product!

Friday, June 8, 2012

I hate to see you go...

As I mentioned previously one of my favorite sites,, likes to show a product that she loved and finished on Fridays (Finish it Fridays). I love taking a peek and seeing what she's used to the last drop as I have a lot of the same products of her, and figure if she loves it, I would too probably. Have to say I'm extremely sad to say goodbye to this as it was my all time favorite MAC Dazzleglass (albeit my only one as of yet!), that of course was LE. (I have to state this-I love MAC. Love. But haven't been buying much of their 5,422,309 collections that seem to be released every week!!) I have several friends who work for MAC and I feel like a badger asking them why <????> all the LE, re-promoting, twice weekly collections, etc. Alas, no answers have been given. Eh.
The said product was my beloved, Soft Dazzle Dazzleglass. This was the perfect finish for an evening out, for perking up a too pink or too nude lippie. Before being an avid, daily, read every blog I can find, addict, can honestly say I only had 2 or 3 lipglasses/glosses. This baby was the only one in my make up bag!! Applied it over MAC Angel or Brave and I was set. On the good side-Can put it in my Back2MAC pile!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May favorites/Summer Loves (Continued)

I wanted to share some more of my Favorite beauty items from last month and Summer Loves..
As I mentioned, Summer is approaching quite fast here in Southern California-Less is more! But at night I do like to a bit more of a dramatic look if I'm going out with friends. I'm all about golds and bronze cream eyeshadows. Everyone has blogged about the fabulous Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoos. I only picked up two of these, Bad to the Bronze and Bold Gold-and I LOVE them. One quick swipe across the eyelids and I'm ready to go! I've not tried the infamous MAC paint pots-but do wish Maybelline releases more colors, as I would love to see more neutrals and coral/pinks.

from L to R: Bold Gold, Bad to the Bronze (swiped once!)

Blush, whether cream or powder, is a must need for me! Without it, I tend to look sallow and tired. A quick color to the cheek instantly perks up my face and makes me look happy and ready to go! Even if I'm just going to the mailbox, I'll be going with a smile;) 
My face blushers lately are : LA Colors Bronzer in Bronze Glow (Top Left) I Picked this up at the Dollar Tree and am very impressed! It's has great pigmentation and it absolutely makes my skin "glow"! NYX Cinnamon (Top Right) This looks quite orange in the pan, but it applies light and looks beautiful when I applied to the apple of the cheeks! Right below Cinnamon is NYX Natural Cream Blush This pinky cream blush is a bit too light for me, but I like to usually add a powder blush over it to give it extra staying power. It reminds me of my MAC Ladyblush cream blush. I've not tried the new formulated cremeblushes, but the NYX is a great replacement IMO. Last we have my beloved (I see pan!!)Wet'n'Wild Coloricon Bronzer. Lovelove this!! Perfect bronze color for my NC 40/42 skin. 

L to R: WnW Bronze, NYX Cinnamon, LA Colors Bronze Glow, NYX Natural

Nails! I've had my acrylic nails off for well over a year now, and am so happy! My nails are now healthy and I love changing up the colors and even keeping them au naturel (for a few days!). My favorite nail polishes lately have Revlon, and Spoiled (by Wet'n'Wild)! I have worn both brands for several days with hardly no chipping at ALL! I've also included a mini Orly polish I picked up at Planet Beauty (I had purchased a groupon certificate and had to use it up in one purchase-this was the color that popped out and helped me complete my order)
L to R: Revlon Sweet Tart, Spoiled "Jail Bait" (not a fan of the name-bleh!), Orly Purple Crush, Revlon Flirt

I cannot recommend Revlon nail polishes enough! Also if you live near a Big Lots, definitely take a look, they always have amazing sets of polishes for low prices!! As much as I love the colors Essie and OPI come out with, I have to admit Essie chips on me every single time! I use the same top coat (Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat-AMAzing!) and it still chips, almost on the same day I've applied. Am I alone with Essie chipping?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Favorites/Summer Loves

One of My favorite kind of posts are monthly (or any kind of) favorites. These products were my most reached items and I will also continue to use these throughout the summertime! Southern California is already reaching the high 80's/90's so on days when it's that miserably hot, I often wear no makeup. Just apply some SPF lotion/cream (whichever I have on hand-I have several sample sizes I received when I bought my Sun Kit at Sephora last month) and my Garnier BB cream that also has SPF.

Since it is June, these are some products that I picked up a lot last month-and will probably keep using throughout the hot season!

L-R (counter clockwise) NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer,Murad Absolute Bronzing Booster,
Garnier Skin Renewal B.B. Cream 
Tinted Moisturizers/Bronzing Boost
Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream SPF 15 (Medium/Deep- I purchased this as soon as it became available here in the states, and I love it! I have to agree with the many reviews I've read that have complained about the TWO color choices. When I first tried it, it looked a bit grayish, but the coverage was perfect. I'm about a NC40-42 right now and it is too light for me, but not enough to get me to stop wearing it!

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 30)  Along with half of the blogosphere (or so it seemed), I couldn't wait for this TM from NARS to come in!! This has been reviewed everywhere-I know because I read most of them! I waited until Sephora had it's Chic Week (15%) sale and if I was going to take the plunge on the $42 price tag, I should wait until it was on sale. I matched myself to Annapurna simply because I had previously tried the color below it, St. Moritz, and noticed that it made me look ashy. Annapurna was a touch too dark, but I knew by summer it'd be the perfect match. (I should also note I had been using a skin lightener-an OTC hydroquinone face cream for some hyper-pigmentation I had on my cheeks). The cream didn't seem to lighten the spots a whole lot-but rather my whole face!  I've stopped using all over and just apply on my dark spots. I love the coverage of the NARS TM. The way it sinks into my skin feels divine. I love the east to travel flip up tube. I don't have to use too much. It does leave a glowy-inesson the skin, so I like to dust a bit of powder over it (Usually just to my t-zone). I can see this getting used a lot this summer!

Last, but not least, Murad Hybrids Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF15:  This is toted as an "oil-free facial bronzer that evens out skin tone'. A little goes a looong way! this is the perfect liquid bronzer for a glowy, sun kissed all over look! I'll usually add a drop or two to whichever TM/BB cream I'm using. This evens out the grayish color of the Garnier BB Cream, when mixed in, and is a great match for my skin!

L to R (sorry for the blurry pictures!) Murad, Garnier, Nars
(with Flash)

Same line up, blended.

I'm no where near done listing my May/Summer Faves....but since it's such a long list, i'm going to do them in separate posts!