Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 X A Charm

As I've said my favorite pass time these days (ok always it seem!) is finding new beauty blogs from near and far, I recently discovered All-Made-Up-21. When I find a new blog, it's easy for me to get drawn in completely and read as much as I can (taking breaks of course). When I saw Laura talk about the cult NARS product Blush Bronzer Trio (Albatross, Orgasm and Laguna in a hard shell case), I made a mental note to get it ASAP. Then I realized that I had something very similar! I personally think that only one is very similar (Middle color- peachy-pink), as I only own NARS Orgasm. I purchased Charlotte Ronson's 3 X A Charm when it was first released ( I believe Spring/Summer of 2011-not sure though!) and was about $29, at Sephora. The other two look what I think quite similar as Albatross an Laguna-which are the other two in the NARS trio. .
The NARS Orgasm I own is quite old (I won't age myself and say how old;) so I really have to swatch hard to get some color-which is a good thing as I like to apply with a light hand and get a "natural" and gentle finish on my cheeks. The bronze/tan is barely a bronzer on me, but when mixed with the peachy pink it is a beautiful color for the cheeks!

Charlotte Ronson 3 X A Charm Blush trio (Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter)
NARS Orgasm pan on left handside of photo, Charlotte Ronson on right-same line up of swatches.
They are practically identical! I did have to swipe hard on NARS blush-as I mentioned, it's a bit old which may have been why. Still quite happy with both blushes!

If you've not read Laura's blog-get on it! Besides awesome reviews and tips-there are some cool pictures of Dublin-and surrounding cities Laura visits!

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