Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas List (and ideas!) 2012

I'm not doing much christmas shopping but still like to have a look and see pretty new things! I've seen plenty of christmas lists and gift ideas on other blogs and picked a few of my favorites-that I'd love to own and gift;)

  1. Lush Xmas Gift set. LOVE Lush. Pretty sure anyone would love to get any goodies from Lush, they have everything from bath bobs to body wash and even a new line of cosmetics!
  2. Jewelry doesn;t have to be expen$ive;) This beautiful black stone necklace is $20 at Forever 21. Forever 21 is a great place to find lots of stocking stuff: handbags, socks, shoes and scarves!
  3. Sephora Favorites Gift sets!! I love these...I picked the Glow set but would greatly accept;) any set from them. LOVE Sephora!!
  4. Nail Polish!! I'm, 30-something and I LOVE getting nail polish as a gift. my mom loves getting nail polish as a gift! OPI always has these great mini sets throughout the year. This 007 has so many pretty picks! 
What's on your christmas list? Any other good ideas for gifts I'm missing? Happy Holidays xx

Christmas List (and ideas!) 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Warm and Squishy inside <3 <3

When I decided to take a mini blog break I thought I'd lose some followers (how could I blame them?) but instead I'm surprised by seeing some more amazing bloggers being added on my GFC, bloglovin' and Hellocotton count!
This is why I love blogging- the support, the camaraderie and the fact that we all love makeup and have the passion for writing and reading about it. I haven't lost my passion- its just my mind is overblown with so many things- I want to be able to write in peace and not have to be under stress and be so worried about everything.

It's month #3 and still no job:( Keeping positive is getting harder everyday, but I am. Especially with The holidays around the corner! Nevermind all the makeup that I've been eyeing (and putting on my wish list!) all over the Internet and instagram- but now it's worrying about car issues, bills and yes, even food. I won't go starving thanks to family and friends- but nonetheless, I hate being a burden on anyone. I remember when I worked full time and had a regular 9-5 job, I hated work. Hated getting up, hated being able to sit in a cushiony chair. Now it doesn't seem so bad. At all:(

So I leave you with be happy, be healthy, thank you for being the amazing people I look up to and's not going unnoticed. I feel special and happy. And a picture of the two little rascals who are the namesake of my blog and keep me smiling (even when I'm crying inside).

Thanks friends....I'll be back to blogging soon I hope!! I have so much to write about. Shopping my Stash (immensely), and My Years Favorites!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Me and Roz, of theprettyjunkie, are having a joint blog sale....Please take  a look at all of our goodies here: 
Blog Sale


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This isn't Good Bye...

But more of a See-You-Later. When I started blogging I enjoyed the camaraderie between blogs and enjoyed seeing hauls and new items and making wish lists...but now it's gotten to the point that I've lost my interest and desire to write. I'd rather be upfront with everyone than write about the things I love with no passion. It wouldn't be honest and I pride myself in being honest and passionate.

the struggles that I'm having to deal with are temporary- I hope, but I'd don't know when or how I'll find resolution, so for now, I'll just say... See you soon. xx

Thanks, yessie❤
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday DREAM List

I was browsing blogs and saw Jacq 's post on her Birthday wish list (Her birthday being in mid October-mine is the 28th! yay!) and liked the idea so much, I decided to follow her lead and make a dream wish list. I pretty much have ALL I need (want is a completely different story!), so this is just a fun list that I can dream about...and one I'll keep handy if I ever win the lotto;)                                                                  

I'd love to own a pair of Christian Louboutin's (wouldn't we all;) This boots are amazingly sexy and gorgeous! Fall (even in Southern California) makes me think of dressing snuggly, scarves (this Alexander McQueen Skull and Leopard print combines two of my favorite prints), a Dark lip and matching nails. Love the glow in dark feature on Hand bag! Diamond earrings, a birthday cake and a pillow with a pomeranian and I'm set. This list was insane to make ($$$) but fun! 

Birthday DREAM List

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nail of the Week (I hope it lasts all week and more!)

As a nanny to two young girls, I'm lucky that they love to get their nails done (with mom's approval and encouragement!) and while I'm at it- get to do my own! Their mom has a beautiful color selection and is very generous with sharing them with me!

The girls are very into nails and often pick out their own color combinations and wait for me to pick mine, and promptly change it to match mine (or vice versa;) I decided for my nails to try this gorgeous purple (with some blue in it), Sinful Colors "Let's Talk" and accented my ring finger with Sinful Colors "Hottie", a light blue color that has silver and blue glitter in it! I love it! The pictures don't do it justice but I love it so much! I want to add these two to my collection very soon!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Favorites

My Monthly favorites this month: I had quite a few, which surprised since the heat here in Southern California was excruciating and makeup seemed to melt off me within minutes! But I love me some makeup and still tried!

UD Naked palette- besides being a great collection of nude eyeshadows, I've been using Buck to my sparse eyebrows (never waxing them again!) and Creep as a winger liner. I haven't mastered the perfect cat eye flick- however it's a bit easier than using a gel liner. Let's me practice and is soft enough for day time use. Love this palette!

IsaDora BB Cream All-in-one makeup SPF 12 (05 Tan)*- This has been a savior to my skin during the summer heat. Applying makeup in the summer is pretty much a waste, but I've been using this instead of a moisturizer and it has helped my dry skin and even out my skin tone! Love it:)

elf Eyebrow kit- Another eyebrow product. Honestly when I got waxed earlier in September, my eyebrows got butchered. I was finally starting to be happy with my (semi full) brows and then she waxed them beyond belief! I've been using the wax side of this for more dramatic needed times (going out at night, etc). I've mentioned this kit many times- one of my all time favorite elf products!

Revlon Photoready Coral Reef Cream blush- these are pretty pricey (about $12-14) but so worth it! They apply gorgeous and the pigmentation is spot on- not too thick, not too sheer.

MUA Blusher-shade 4- This was one o the blushers I received in my swap from Mags at Emeraldeyeliner. I've praised this before on my blog, and will continue! I love this color- the pigmentation is amazing, applying lightly to my apples with my Real techniques blush brush has been my go-to most days if I'm in rush or just want a nice flush to my cheeks!

Milani Easy Brow Automatic pencil Dark Brown- Last eyebrow product, promise! I've had this pencil for a while but never really used it. It's great if you're in a rush, but rather hard to apply as the pencil is so soft. I like that it has a spoolie on the other end, to soften the harshness of pencil in brows.

Revlon Lip Balm Stain in Honey- easy to apply and a beautiful natural color. I've mentioned these before. Love the colors and Mint-y smell but with lip balm applied first they are a bit drying for me. Love this shade.

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch- I used this for the beach, work, running errands. So easy to apply and go. I adore the color and smell!

Mascaras- Even though it's pointless to wear mascara is the heat, I love my mascara and simply had to apply a few coats (usually only on my upper lashes). Had three favorites this!
1. Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition.
2. Collection 2000 Multiplier
3. L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
All three give Volume and length. (Collection 2000 and Bourjois mascaras were also included in my swap)

Makeup brushes
elf eyeshadow "C" brush- along with the brush that's included in my Naked palette, this brush is great for using in the crease area.
elf powder brush (flat top)- this is my workhorse brush! I use it to buff in my foundation, apply cream blushes and to retouch my powder in my t-zone area. Love, love this brush!
elf blush brush- this brush is actually very tiny! it does apply blush good, but takes a few more sweeps. I also use this for using a highlighter blush.
Real Techniques Blush brush- probably one of the best brushes I own! This picks up the perfect amount of blush. I've tried it with practically every blush I own and it doesn't matter which brand of blushed I use- definitely recommend this!

Last one is my SOHO beauty sponge (I believe this is a dupe of the beauty blender). For the price (on sale for $6) I use this (wet) to set my foundation with my MSFN powder.

I'm loving Monthly favorites more and more- leave your link if you have yours up already!

*received for PR consideration.
L to R: Collection 2000 Multiplier mascara, elf "C" eyeshadow crease brush, L'oreal Voluminous, elf powder brush, RT Blush brush, Bourjois Max Volume, elf blush brush
MUA blush, Revlon Photoready Coral Reef

L to R: Collection 2000 wand, L'oreal wand, Bourjois wand

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Goodies

I've been really good at keeping my beauty budget below $0.00 for the past few weeks. Aside from getting some new Spoiled nail polishes (free- thanks to some CVS Extra Care Bucks!), I've been keeping my beauty cravings busy with the first and second batch of goodies I'd gotten from Mags (from our swap-I just finished picking up a few other things for her and am barely shipping it out- to her:/ sigh). When I see a bargain or a sale- I tend to lose my strength and give in! Especially if it's a staple item and something I currently need. On one of my weekly trips to Target (for house products) I saw that the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser was on sale for $8. It's normally $11, so a $3 savings is pretty special in my mind:) I've written about my love for this cleanser before, it's one of the few cleansers that manages to take off all of my makeup (even my mascara!). I also love using it with my Clarisonic. The cloth that is included is ok- a bit cheap but travels easy, needs to be cleaned very well or tends to look rough:/ I definitely recommend this cleanser:D

While driving back to my boyfriends house from the beach a few weeks ago I spotted a brand new Ulta having a grand opening! I'd gotten my mailer with their $3.50 coupon and had it ready for a spending. I was eager to see what Essence products they had in stock, since Ulta is the only place I've been able to find their products. Unfortunately the selection at this Ulta was very small and didn't have anything too appealing to me. I did pick up an Essence polish called Sweet as Candy. I adore their new polish bottles! The color is the perfect baby pink- it needed 3 coats, but it dries fairly quickly! I'm still loving the accent trend- applying a different color on my ring finger nail. I chose wet'n'wild wild shine #467 for my ring finger, which is a gorgeous black and purple glitter polish. It was hard to capture the glitter in the pictures- but i really like it! I can see myself wearing this a lot during October/Halloween season!

My last purchase at Ulta was the Real Techniques Expert brush. I'd read countless reviews about the buffing brush and really wanted to try that for my liquid foundation. That brush is only available in the core collection. I'm pretty much set in the brushes department (I could always use more- but definitely don't need anymore;) and was excited to see that the Expert brush was sold by itself! I've only used it once- but like it very much! Will have to give a thorough review after more uses!

Hopefully these goodies will keep my budget intact for a while!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guest Post Blogging!

My lovely friend Jessica has my guest post up over at her blog:  jess4uplease visit her blog and subscribe to her amazing blog! Thanks Jessica:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spoiled Black Mamba NOTD

Spoiled by Wet'n'Wild are becoming one of my favorite drugstore nail polishes! I picked up two colors tonight with some CVS Extra Care Bucks I had (love CVS and their beauty program!) and decided since it is September, I'd try and get some fall colors. I love my neon pinks and corals for summer but want a bit of a change. I chose two that I thought would be perfect for a fall transition- Black Mamba and Kickin' the Habit.

Black Mamba is a gorgeous gunmetal color that went on with one coat and no clean up needed! I swatched it next to my Revlon Graphite and although I didn't take a picture, I did see some similarities.

Kickin' the Habit unfortunately was another story all together. Looks like a beautiful plum purple but applies completely matte. I have an OPI matte polish- but I've yet to actually use it. Guess I like my nails to be glossy;) so I'll probably be returning that one. I do have pictures of Black Mamba- and again this is only one coat with no top coat! Love it so far!

Has anyone tried Spoiled polishes before?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend (California Beach)

Labor Day Weekend (California Beach)

Here in the US it's Labor Day, which means no work-BBQ, food, friends, sun (and lots and lots of Sunscreen!!). As I'm beyond broke-I thought I'd tease myself and pretend money was no object and treat myself to a good shopping trip for today's look-D&G Leopard Bikini-yes, please! I've read countless reviews about the Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 and am wanting to try it!! And of course also wanting to try Armani Eye to Kill Mascara (in the waterproof version for this weekend!)and of course my beloved Maybelline Baby lips in Pink Punch. Love it. While I won't be sporting any of the above beautiful items-I will be swimming in the Long Beach Bay and then having a delicious BBQ with my boyfriend and friends.

Chaser vintage tank top
$70 -

Leopard bikini
$120 -

Dr. Denim cotton shorts
$63 -

Mint green shoes
$150 -

Tom Ford cateye sunglasses
$310 -

Giorgio Armani waterproof mascara

Sun care