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I'm a 34 year old makeup, skincare, beauty and fashion lover, born and bred in Southern California. In the last year or so I discovered beauty blogs after relying and reading Fashion magazines (Glamour, Marie Claire, Lucky Magazine) for reviews, New makeup news and beauty talk in general. Now that I subscribe and read beauty blogs, I can honestly say I don't read too many Fashion/Beauty Magazines!
I don't have too many close friends to chat about makeup with, which is why I have my blog! This is my own little outlet to talk, show and meet others who love makeup as much as I do!
I love all brands of makeup-everything from: Chanel, YSL, MAC to drugstore: Revlon (one of my all time favorites), Maybelline, elf, and Cover Girl. During the last few years with the economy and changes with my career,my love for makeup hasn't dwindled down, it just has heavily influenced my choices in what and when purchasing makeup! I will have an occasional splurge (Usually during Sephora's 15 or 20% Sales!), but nowadays I will hunt, search and seek out bargains!!
My blog is has a bit of everything that I like to see in other blogs (Monthly favorites, Monthly empties, Reviews, Hauls and everything else in between!
thanks for reading<3

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