Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May favorites/Summer Loves (Continued)

I wanted to share some more of my Favorite beauty items from last month and Summer Loves..
As I mentioned, Summer is approaching quite fast here in Southern California-Less is more! But at night I do like to a bit more of a dramatic look if I'm going out with friends. I'm all about golds and bronze cream eyeshadows. Everyone has blogged about the fabulous Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoos. I only picked up two of these, Bad to the Bronze and Bold Gold-and I LOVE them. One quick swipe across the eyelids and I'm ready to go! I've not tried the infamous MAC paint pots-but do wish Maybelline releases more colors, as I would love to see more neutrals and coral/pinks.

from L to R: Bold Gold, Bad to the Bronze (swiped once!)

Blush, whether cream or powder, is a must need for me! Without it, I tend to look sallow and tired. A quick color to the cheek instantly perks up my face and makes me look happy and ready to go! Even if I'm just going to the mailbox, I'll be going with a smile;) 
My face blushers lately are : LA Colors Bronzer in Bronze Glow (Top Left) I Picked this up at the Dollar Tree and am very impressed! It's has great pigmentation and it absolutely makes my skin "glow"! NYX Cinnamon (Top Right) This looks quite orange in the pan, but it applies light and looks beautiful when I applied to the apple of the cheeks! Right below Cinnamon is NYX Natural Cream Blush This pinky cream blush is a bit too light for me, but I like to usually add a powder blush over it to give it extra staying power. It reminds me of my MAC Ladyblush cream blush. I've not tried the new formulated cremeblushes, but the NYX is a great replacement IMO. Last we have my beloved (I see pan!!)Wet'n'Wild Coloricon Bronzer. Lovelove this!! Perfect bronze color for my NC 40/42 skin. 

L to R: WnW Bronze, NYX Cinnamon, LA Colors Bronze Glow, NYX Natural

Nails! I've had my acrylic nails off for well over a year now, and am so happy! My nails are now healthy and I love changing up the colors and even keeping them au naturel (for a few days!). My favorite nail polishes lately have Revlon, and Spoiled (by Wet'n'Wild)! I have worn both brands for several days with hardly no chipping at ALL! I've also included a mini Orly polish I picked up at Planet Beauty (I had purchased a groupon certificate and had to use it up in one purchase-this was the color that popped out and helped me complete my order)
L to R: Revlon Sweet Tart, Spoiled "Jail Bait" (not a fan of the name-bleh!), Orly Purple Crush, Revlon Flirt

I cannot recommend Revlon nail polishes enough! Also if you live near a Big Lots, definitely take a look, they always have amazing sets of polishes for low prices!! As much as I love the colors Essie and OPI come out with, I have to admit Essie chips on me every single time! I use the same top coat (Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat-AMAzing!) and it still chips, almost on the same day I've applied. Am I alone with Essie chipping?


  1. Love everything! Oh god, I'm in the mood to hoard/shop again. :)

    1. Me too Liz! Gah!, browsing blogs is tres dangerous for thy wallet.