Friday, June 8, 2012

I hate to see you go...

As I mentioned previously one of my favorite sites,, likes to show a product that she loved and finished on Fridays (Finish it Fridays). I love taking a peek and seeing what she's used to the last drop as I have a lot of the same products of her, and figure if she loves it, I would too probably. Have to say I'm extremely sad to say goodbye to this as it was my all time favorite MAC Dazzleglass (albeit my only one as of yet!), that of course was LE. (I have to state this-I love MAC. Love. But haven't been buying much of their 5,422,309 collections that seem to be released every week!!) I have several friends who work for MAC and I feel like a badger asking them why <????> all the LE, re-promoting, twice weekly collections, etc. Alas, no answers have been given. Eh.
The said product was my beloved, Soft Dazzle Dazzleglass. This was the perfect finish for an evening out, for perking up a too pink or too nude lippie. Before being an avid, daily, read every blog I can find, addict, can honestly say I only had 2 or 3 lipglasses/glosses. This baby was the only one in my make up bag!! Applied it over MAC Angel or Brave and I was set. On the good side-Can put it in my Back2MAC pile!


  1. It is very like a Dior gloss I have- I think its called satin peach. Its so perfect for everything and I don't need any others in my makeup bag either!

    1. I've yet to try a Dior gloss! But have heard (and read plenty!) of them. Satin peach sounds very tempting!