Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ten under $10

In case I haven't said it enough, I'm a bargainista! Which is not a bad thing! I find that there are lots of beauty and skin care products to be found that won't break the bank. That's not to say I never splurge but lately that hasn't been happening. (I'm also in the midst of a super swap with a fellow blogger from Ireland!)

Here are a few of my favorites that are all under ten dollars-although I love them and use them often, I wouldn't necessarily say they are my top ten, just ten I'd like to share:

  1. elf Golden Bronzer $3- This is a bargain at just $3! It's quite light but that's a good thing, the idea is to look dewy and have a light sheen to my cheekbones, not doused in glitter. I've seen this mentioned a dupe for Dior Amber Diamond. I don't own Dior Amber Diamond, so I cannot agree nor disagree, but for me it applies beautifully for a nice golden sheen. Would definitely recommend this lovely product.
  2. elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium $3- Another elf gem! I've used Benefit's eyebrow zing in the past and this is a great (and cheaper) alternative. It has the two pans-one a dark brown wax and a warmer brown powder. It comes with a mini brush that can be used in a pinch. But i prefer to use my MAC angled brush. 
  3. Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator in Level 9  $4.99- I use this as a concealer and love that this company caters to women of color (WOC). I have a hard time finding drugstore concealers that are my shade. I don't always like the one shade lighter under eye type of coverage-look, sometimes I prefer to have a similar color to my skin tone. This can be mixed and it applies smoothly and does not crease! It feels like silk. A brush would probably make it more neat, but if I'm in a rush a simple swipe with my ring finger is all I need. 
  4. Jane Cosmetics Oil Free Finishing Powder in Translucent- This has been with me for quite a while (as one can probably tell by the very visible pan!), I'm guessing I paid under $5 for this. The Jane cosmetics website is under construction (maybe revamping the line?). I've tried several translucent finishing/blot powders but always end up with a white cast, even with a light hand. I can apply a few swipes of this midday or whenever I need a touch up and won't even have to look in a mirror to make sure I don't have a white ashy face! This stuff is great! I really do hope it hasn't been discontinued, it's a great product for a fantastic price. 
  5. Eco Tools Bronzer Brush $4.99 ($4.99 was Clearance price, regular price is about $9.99, I believe)I found this while browsing Target one day for the awesome price of $4.99!! I love this brush. I use it quite a bit-everything from applying my MSFN powder to applying bronzer/blush. I'm definitely going to be adding more of the Eco tools to my collection. 
  6. elf Studio powder brush $3-This is an amazing brush that gets lots of love on the blogosphere, and with good reason! It has a flat top which works perfectly for applying  mineral powder, cream blushes or buffing in your foundation, which is what I use it for. If you don't have this brush-get it!!
  7. Purple Eyelash curler $2.80- I purchased this random, no brand name eyelash curler at Forever 21! I usually use the elf brand but it recently broke, picked this up as I liked the lovely purple color, and it works quite nice! 
  8. Revlon Deluxe Slant Tip Tweezers- I've tried several brands of tweezers-from Tweezerman, elf to Sally Hansen- these are the ones I always go back to. In fact I have two of the same to keep with me and keep one at home. 
  9. Nabi (L38) Hot Pink Lipliner Pencil $1- I'd never heard of this brand but for the price figured I'd take the chance! This is a great lip pencil-not just because the color is beautiful but because it's soft but not to soft and doesn't tug on my lips! I found this in LA's Fashion District (I could browse all day in Santee Alley). It reminds me of NYX-everything from the packaging to the quality-a very good product for the price.
  10. NYX  Eyeshadow base Skin Tone- I'm not a huge primer kinda gal, I've only owned a few drugstore brands-elf, wet'n'wild, NYC. But this NYX is pretty good! It goes on smoothly and actually works well. I've not tested it out more than 6 hours but it holds quite well on the nights I've worn it out. The pot has a pretty good amount, so I think this will last me thru the summer!

L to R, Counter clockwise: Elf golden bronzer, elf eyebrow kit, eco tools bronzer brush, elf studio powder brush, jane oil free finishing powder
Top to bottom: Ruby Kisses 3D, Nabi, NYX, Revlon, F21 eyelash curler

Nabi Hot Pink, NYX Base, elf golden bronzer, Ruby Kisses 3D


  1. Wow amazing bargains - I think we are ripped off over in Ireland even when things are a bargain they end up being more expensive - I found Organix hair care range in Boots I was so excited cause I have seen people talking about it the coconut oil was €9.99 so I was delighted with myself until I saw the american price. I love a bargain - and when there is a special offer on ..just try and stop me

    1. I'm often shocked at the prices in Ireland for stuff we have out here cheap:( (but now you have me to send ya stuff- just let me know!). i tend to have some luck finding bargains- It requires a lot of looking and waiting but I'm willing to do it to save $:)