Sunday, July 15, 2012

All about pinks!

I recently blogged about my love of peach and corals, but this week was definitely a pink week! I'm a true girly girl and do love me some pink! More so this week, with a wedding to attend, summer nights, relaxing in the pool. Pink is in my life for summer again:) I raved about MAC Speed Dial and MAC Dollymix, after having a browse in my friends makeup stash. Speed Dial is beautiful on it's own but for some extra kick I've been applying MAC Petite Indulgence Cremesheen glass (which was a Christmas gift from a friends who works at MAC). The outcome is beautiful! And I've gotten lots of compliment while wearing it.
Pink cheeks is cute but as I'm in my 30's (early 30's ahem) I don't want anything to extreme. Enter MAC mineralize blush in Supernova, from the Heavenly Creatures Collection. This is the perfect addition to the shiny pink lips! The golden swirl in Supernova gives a beautiful shimmer to my cheeks. It's pretty pigmented, so it only need a light hand! When I find a lip combo I love I usually wear it to death until I find something else- but I think this still has a few more times to be worn! Swatches in the photo are: Petite Indulgence, Speed Dial, Supernova.

Are there any pink lip combos I'm missing out on? What's your favorite pink lip and gloss at the moment?


  1. Hey beautiful! I'm just wondering if you buy make up every single day or if you are a millionaire :D
    I am in love with that MAC blush, will look for it!

    love, flo xx

    (im making more posts in english in my blog just so you know!!)

  2. HI Flo! No, I do not buy make up every day (I wish I could), nor am I a millionaire (wish I was). I work a lot and reward myself with goodies whenever I can:) That's why I have a beauty blog, because I love makeup and shopping:)

  3. There's no way you're in your 30's! You've got amazing skin!

    Really want to try the Heavenly Creatures range, the lipstick looks amazing on you!

    Lola ..x

  4. Aw! Thanks Lola!! That made my day!! x

    I love Speed Dial- it's a permanent lippie but one that I'd never really seen or swatched while at MAC. The mineralize blushes with Heavenly Creatures are aptly named- Heavenly;)

    thanks for the comment- I love your blog!!

  5. GORGEOUS!! I bought Supernova and love it!!

  6. amazing! so bright and fun! love it!

  7. LOVE the pink lipstick- I just got some too!