Tuesday, June 25, 2013


*received in a makeup swap*

I received this in my makeup swap with Claire and pulled it out to use this weekend. It's a lipstick sealer and is toted to prolong the wear of a lipstick. I love wearing lipsticks but hate having to wipe off my lipstick before eating, drinking so this sounded pretty good to me! Decided to try this out this weekend as I was going to be swimming and wasn't wearing any makeup (apart from some cream blush - NYX Tea Rose and lipstick).
To test it out I wore a hot pink (and a MAC Candy Yum Yum dupe IMO!), Barry M #52, which I received from my friend Mags in our swap last year. I applied my lipstick, blotted and applied a coat of Lipcote. It's like applying a clear gloss on your lips! It sank in quite quick and I drank from a cup immediately to test it out- and yup, no lippie color was left anywhere! I think where it lost some of its consistency (which is completely understandable) is sitting out in the 90 degree weather, I was sitting in the shade but it was pretty hot out. I was eating chips and salsa and forgot and wiped my lips and it did smear off, but again I think the sweltering heat had to do with that. I just applied some lipstick on my hand and applied a coat and tried wiping and it smeared very little! I'd read that it had an awful smell and made the lips tingle - didn't notice that at all. All I felt was a cool sensation after applying it! I can't wait to use this with a red lipstick! Below are swatches of lipstick alone (left side) and with one coat (right side). Also added a swatch of the cream blush- which is perfect for summer- its a natural nude but shows up beautifully and lasted while I swam (for almost 3 hours!)
Has anyone tried Lipcote before?


  1. This sounds really good! I'd say the sweltering heat wouldn't have helped, but it's nice to hear it stayed on with drinking! I'm sick of mine disappearing as soon as I eat haha. The blush looks so pretty !xx

    1. I'd say I don't wear lipsticks very often because it disappears as soon as its on. I'm not in the habit of applying this right after (will have to remember to put in my purse). I'm about done with my blush- love it! x