Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UK Swap goodies:)

This swap has been in the works forever... Many thanks to Claire at beautyandlechic for being so patient:) Claire's blog was one of the first blogs I started following and loved her style, makeup and well, her blog! She's beautiful and has a love for mascara and blush- I knew this swap was doing to be good! One of the items I did specifically ask for was the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation- as I'd seen it everywhere! So excited to own it and also another UK blogger favorite - Sleek Rose Gold blush. Just a quick post/pictures of the swap- since I'm still playing with it all!
Sleek Gold Rose Blush, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation "58"
Group photo of all the goodies. All sweets were eaten upon opening the package;)


  1. Wooww, I love love sleek and bourjois!!!!

    great swap yess ! xx

  2. Oh I love this foundation, really liked it. Will be eagerly waiting for more.
    Well I have blog on some great Natural Stuff, so it will be good to see you there

    My Blog :- Nature Health Secrets

    And will love to hear from you. Would you like to follow each other?
    And please carry on doing this great work.

    1. I've only tried the foundation once and love it too! I'll check out your blog soon! Thanks for The comment